Nikan Hospital in Tehran

Nikan Hospital was established in 2011 under the leadership of Dr. Tabesh. This hospital has various units such as: operating room, inpatient departments, outpatient departments, clinical departments, etc.

address:Akdasieh, Beginning of Arch Avenue, Araj Entrance, 22 Bahman Street, No. 6, Nikkan Hospital

Nikan Hospital - MedoTrip
Nikan Hospital - MedoTrip
Nikan Hospital - MedoTrip


MedoTrip Doctors - Woman

Dr. Afsar Sharafi

Infertility Specialist

MedoTrip Doctors

Dr. Mahmoud Beheshti Monfared

Cardiovascular Surgeon

MedoTrip Doctors

Dr. Mohammad Hussein Sultani


MedoTrip Doctors

Dr. Khalil Yacoubi


MedoTrip Doctors - Woman

Dr. Farahanaz Amini


MedoTrip Doctors

Dr. Mahdi Ahmadi

ENT Specialist

Treatment units

  • Special sections: CCU, ICU, NICU, ICU-OH
  • Operating rooms: CSSD, angiography, obstetrics
  • Outpatient departments: emergency, gastroenterology and scope and specialized clinics
  • Clinical: Laboratory, Imaging Center, MRI, Nuclear Medicine and Bone Density Measurement, Physiotherapy

Scientific achievements and honors

  • National Accreditation Certificate
  • Gold Medal for the first National Award for Process Management and Organization Leadership
  • International Patients Department (IPD)
  • Gold medal of famous faces in the country’s industry and economy with a focus on social responsibility
  • Green award
  • With a positive first degree in accreditation and patient safety

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