About us

by kaguya

MedoTrip is the most reputable health tourism provider in Iran, which, based on its years of experience, offers the highest quality healthcare services in Iran.

Health tourism is a type of tourism which had a significant growth under the influence of globalization. The desire for beauty and the treatment of diseases with the help of the best surgeons and experienced medical teams is a demand of everybody’s, and this demand has led to the growth and development of therapeutic and beauty infrastructures in different countries.

During the last decade, Iran has become one of the most important countries in the field of health tourism in all around the world. The experienced and educated surgeons, doctors, and professionals, advanced hospitals and medical centers, modern healthcare technologies and affordable prices, have made Iran one of the most popular destinations for health tourism in all around the world.

MedoTrip as one the health tourism pioneers in Iran provides a reliable path to access the high-quality health and beauty services in Iran. No matter which country you live in, the professional team of MedoTrip provides you with all of your health and beauty demands.


MedoTrip services

Our mission is to plan and provide health services in accordance with the latest knowledge of the day.

  • Free online counseling with MedoTrip experts.
  • Coordinating appointments with professional and experienced international doctors.
  • Planning and coordinating with advanced medical centers.
  • Getting Iran’s medical treatment visa.
  • Booking your desired hotel.
  • Planning your travel.
  • Translator and guide for your entire travel time.
  • Airport transfer.
  • SIM and internet.
  • The required services for before and after the hospitalization with the highest quality.

All of MedoTrip’s teammate doctors are internationally certified and have at least 10 years of experience in their field. Nasal surgery, hair transplantation, weight loss surgery, cardiac surgery, and infertility treatment are among the most popular beauty and medical surgeries in Iran. Iran is also recognized as the capital of rhinoplasty in the world and accordingly, you will have the most experienced doctors of the world by your side for performing rhinoplasty in Iran.

MedoTrip’s experts in all health fields will be by your side. Your trust in us, maintaining the morals, along with the recognition and treatment by the most advanced technologies are our greatest goals. Treatment is not our only issue; informing you about the procedure and treatment methods and also the final result is very important for us. Providing information and valuable experiences for the patients and creating a sense of satisfaction for them, along with the treatment, is MedoTrip’s permanent duty.

One other factor of your satisfaction is comfortable accommodation during your travel. Therefore, we have selected the best hotels in Iran as our colleagues for you to choose the stay place during the travel to Iran for you and your companions among the bests and according to your own desire. A guide who speaks your language will also be available throughout your travel time so that you can safely process all your treatment procedure in Iran.

Please fill out the application form on the site or call the MedoTrip’s support team via +989194086331 / +989194086332 for more detailed information and consulting with our experts.