Dr Maryam Lotfizad

Dr Maryam Lotfizad

Gynecologist and Women’s Cosmetic Surgeon

15 years experience

+10000 patients have already received the treatment plan

English, Persian

About Dr Maryam Lotfizad

Doctor Maryam Lotfizad is a gynecologist and women’s cosmetic specialist. She had obtained a medical doctoral degree in gynecology from the Tehran University in 1993; and in 2012, she had obtained an LMCC medical doctoral from Canada. Doctor Lotfizad had also taken a specialty course of women’s cosmetic at the New York University. Maryam Lotfizad is the senior member of the ISCG in Europe and the pioneer of labiaplasty in Iran.

Doctor Lotfizad, who has a history of treatment for more than 27 years, also does the operations in Sina Shemiran Surgery Center in Tehran, apart from her personal clinic.

Other certificates

  1. Certificate of lipolysis and lipid injection course from the Community of General Surgeons
  2. Certificate of the Laser Safety Course from the Iranian Medical Laser Association

Other specialties

  • Labiaplasty
  • Vaginal laser
  • Vigina tightening
  • Fat injection into the vagina
  • Vaginal beauty surgery
  • Hair removal laser