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Dr Mohammad Masoud Majidi Tehrani

Cardiovascular Surgery Specialist

25 years experience

+50000 patients have already received the treatment plan

English, Persian

About Dr Mohammad Masoud Majidi Tehrani

Dr. Mohammad Masoud Majidi was born in Tehran in 1954. After graduating from Kharazmi High School, Dr. Majidi immigrated to the United States to study at George Washington University. He returned to Iran after passing general medical and surgical courses and began cardiovascular surgery specialist courses, while treating patients. Dr. Majidi has also completed a 2 year cardiothoracic fellowship at McGill University in Canada. Dr. Mohammad

Masoud Majidi is currently the Vice President of Cardiac Surgery at Shahid Modarres Hospital and trains other physicians in addition to treating patients as a member of Shahid Beheshti University of Tehran. He has also published numerous articles in international and prestigious journals.